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Welcome to your new
Independent Living Community.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ #1: Do you allow pets?
Yes, we allow pets at or under 35lbs, unless it is an assistance or service animal.

FAQ #2: Do you have laundry facilities? 
We have four laundry rooms inside the community. 

FAQ #3: What is in the “Service Plan”? 
Our Service Plan includes: breakfast and dinner 7 days a week; weekly housekeeping that also includes laundering bed linens and towels; activities which includes scheduled transportation to the doctor, shopping, and fun trips appropriate for the season; and all utilities except phone, TV, and internet.

FAQ #4: What are the income requirements? 
The income limit for a one-person household is $34,620 and $39,540 for a two-person household.

FAQ #5: What if I have an emergency in the middle of the night?  Is there a staff member on call?
We have “ Residents on Call” who respond to the emergency pull cords in the apartments to aid in medical emergencies, to building system emergencies such as water overflowing from plugged toilets/broken pipes, and they have also been trained to know where the supply lines are to close them in case of emergency.

FAQ #6: What if I need assistance? 
We do not offer medical assistance for anything other than aiding in the calling of 911. Caregivers are used by many residents here.